Line Three Studio creates digital imagery with an acute sense of architectural relevance, artistic design, and visualization technology.

Line Three Studios provides architectural visualization services to architects, interior designers, planners, builders, developers, realtors, advertising and marketing firms. Types of architectural project experience include: single and multifamily housing, retail, mixed-use, K-12 educational, higher education, industrial, healthcare and high-rise. Use Line Three Studio's architectural visualization to aid in client understanding, enhance the design process, supplement competitive projects or increase marketing effectiveness.



Line Three Studios provides environmental visualization services to landscape architects, urban planners, developers, realtors, civil, infrastructure, and transportation engineers. Types of environmental project experience include: mixed-use master plans, campus planning, planned unit developments, road construction, bridges, wind farms, mining, and contextual modeling. Use Line Three Studio's environmental visualizations to aid in the understanding of the scope and environmental impact of a project, enhance design development or increase marketing effectiveness.




Line Three Studios provides litigation visualization services to attorneys and expert-witnesses. Types of litigation project experience include: industrial site reconstruction, construction analysis, environmental contamination, superfund sites, and accident reconstruction. When attempting to convey highly complex or technical information to an arbitrator, mediator, judge, or jury, Line Three Studio's innovative graphics simplify, enhance, and clarify the testimony of the expert. They are designed to communicate, educate and persuade.




  • Revit Modeling to 3DS Max Visualization - Line Three Studio can help you develop a work flow in Revit that results in the creation of models which can be used for generating presentation quality renderings and animations.
  • Integrated Design Visualization - Revit models have the ability to be actively linked into visualization programs like 3DS Max. This active link greatly reduces the time required for the production of renderings. Presentation quality imagery can then be created throughout the life of a project in a very affordable and efficient manner.
  • Renderings - Renderings can be generated from models that are provided by the client, or from models that are generated by Line Three Studio. Line Three Studio has the skill to create a wide range of image types from white model to photo-real, artistic, or hybrid imagery.
  • Photosimulations – Compositing a rendered image with a photographic picture often produces a product that is more descriptive and cost effective than a rendering produced from a 3D environment alone. Photosimulations provide for excellent before and after visual comparisons. Click images below to see example.
  • Animations - Animations take your projects to the next level. Line Three Studio can take the model that was used to produce still renderings or start from scratch. They can be delivered as image files or authored and formatted for playback on DVD. Click image below to see example.
  • Demonstrative Graphics – These graphics emphasize clear understanding. Examples include: animations, creative charts, timelines, diagrams, maps, and photo layouts. Line Three Studio's demonstrative graphics are methodically crafted to ensure accuracy as well as a clear and concise message that underscores critical information.
  • Video Production - Line Three Studio can created video sequences that incorporate, photos, renderings, animations, text, music and narration. Video files can be delivered as stand alone files, formatted for play on the web, or authored for playback on DVD.

Project Fees - Contracts for work are established after an initial no charge consultation, and are usually a not to exceed amount, or work is done on a cost per hour basis.

About Erich

As the creative and technical force behind Line Three Studio, Erich zumBrunnen, AIA, seeks to produce work with visual integrity. His innovative imagery is enriched by a 15-year career in the architectural and visualization fields. This background structures his approach to creating a product that is both sound in architectural principles and artistically progressive.

zumBrunnen, a registered architect, has experience spanning from a three person practice to a global architectural firm. In his most recent role, zumBrunnen managed production of visualization graphics to propose and analyze design concepts for marketing pursuits and active projects. Prior to relocating to the Twin Cities, zumBrunnen was a partner in a visualization firm out of Boise, Idaho. This diverse experience allowed zumBrunnen to hone skills in design, technical application, visualization, and project management.

Throughout his career, zumBrunnen has mastered the application and integration of software products including: Revit, 3DS Max, AutoCAD, and the Adobe Suite products. His prolific use of technology allows for creative solutions no matter the project parameters.

zumBrunnen founded Line Three Studios in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he lives with his wife of 11 years and his two spirited and ever-inspiring daughters. When not creating, zumBrunnen can be found taking a long morning run, riding bikes with his family, or researching new applications and techniques, expanding and improving the capabilities of Line Three Studio.


  • Registered Architect


  • American Institute of Architects
  • American Society of Architectural Illustrators
  • National Council of Architectural Registration Boards
  • United State Green Building Council

Why Choose LIN3

Line Three Studio creates digital imagery with an acute sense of architectural relevance, artistic design, and visualization technology. Line Three Studio offers:

  • A Collaborative Partner - Line Three Studio partners with clients to quickly understand, analyze, and advise on visualization and imagery needs. Line Three founder Erich zumBrunnen teams with clients as an advisor to find the most appropriate technology and graphics for the given project. He is unyielding in delivering a superior product while forming long lasting relationships with his clients.
  • Consistent Communication – All work is completed by Line Three Studio in Minneapolis, MN. Issues with project coordination will not arise due to extreme differences in time zone location, or multi-location staff communication and translation. Questions or concerns expressed via phone, e-mail or in person will be addressed by a person directly involved with your project.
  • Technology and Integration of Platforms - Line Three Studio's solutions include various software platforms to find the most effective and cost efficient solutions for clients. zumBrunnen has developed a custom process for creating hybrid images integrating computer generated media with artistic digital manipulation. He has also led initiatives to actively link software programs to improve the efficiency of the rendering process, and enhance the quality of rendered imagery.
  • Expertise - From technical demonstrative graphics to highly aesthetic renderings, zumBrunnen brings experience and aptitude as one of the leading visualization specialists in the market.
  • Client Focused Service - The most significant factor in any project for Line Three Studio is exceptional client service. From the onset of a project, a transparent schedule and work plan is followed to meet the needs of the client.

The result of this process is innovative digital imagery with the ability to enrich comprehension and enhance visual appeal of a situation or space for an intended audience.












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